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It Never Hurts with Boho Shirts

Boho fashion is all over Pinterest! No doubt you can easily distinguish what is a bohemian to that of your ordinary shirt. Well there’s a reason we don’t call it your normal usual shirt. These shirts go beyond that. Boho shirts will make you feel more alive and free. What do we mean by that? Let us break that down for you.

The Ultimate Heartbreaker

Are you fed up as always being tagged as heartbroken? Then lose that Emo shirt you are on. Why don’t you try the opposite end of it and be the heartbreaker this time? A boho shirt can give you that confidence and persona you want.

A boho shirt with loud and intricate patterns on will be the best choice for you. Or you may also opt to try sexy boho shirts with laces and tassels. You’ll be the apple of everyone’s eyes.

Don’t get too surprised on how much attention you are getting. Just remember to go with the personality you are portraying. Just walk past everyone with a charming smile on your face. Sway the attention gracefully and never settle for just a pair of eyes on you. Let your swag be felt by everyone in the crowd.

Congratulations! You earn the badge of an ultimate heartbreaker. By the way, it’s a good heartbreaker! Not the perspective that breaks hearts and make people cry. Heartbreaker in a way that people are inspired with the charm and confidence you exude. More like a heartthrob really. You break their hearts for they realize you stole people’s attention from them to you. And they want to steal that boho shirt you are in.

Try this subtle boho shirt and be seductress in black summer boho faux leather suede back  thnic hollow out long sleeve top.

The Legendary Rockstar

The shirts that portray an attitude themselves are what we call the rocker style bohemian shirts. These boho shirts have their own spunk. This is usual the best choice when you are attending a music festival with your circle of friends. You’ll definitely be a standout amongst your friends with a rocker boho shirt.

Boho shirts that are oversized and have tribal and ethnic prints topped the list. Just like a rock star, you want to be free spirited and comfortable to move around. You could also opt to go for vintage boho shirts, such as this Smthma vintage 70s Mexican floral embroidery boho women hippie plus size shirt:

Or you can go for this on trend, like this Korean autumn fashion unif harajuku plus size long sleeve momen punk letter printing t shirt.

Cute and Mysterious Chic

Well they say being mysterious for girls makes you look more attractive. But we say how will a guy find you mysterious if they don’t find you cute enough to be approached? So we say cute and mysterious should go together. Good thing you don’t need to worry to pull out such persona. Because going for a stunning boho shirt no guy will miss should do the trick.

A shirt with charming and subtle prints will give you just that look. A long sleeved boho shirt could also do the trick. Just like this long sleeve autumn plaid off-shoulder flare sleeve lace up bow top.

It never hurts to experiment and try something new. Boho shirts bring out a whole new perspective in you, as well as comfort, freedom, style and confidence. Yes that can all be possible even just by the shirt you are wearing. Want to truly experience it? Go get your most adorable bohemian shirt or two at

Boho Bags: The It bag for the It Girl

There’s always a way to make girls giggle and that is to talk about bags, bags, bags! Girls even join groups where bag lovers could meet and share their bag experiences.

Bags are always interesting topics for girls and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. When you go strolling at the mall, not one bag will definitely get your attention. It’s like a phenomenon no one can explain. It’s just a craze girls go insane for.

Bags are the easiest pieces boyfriends can pick as a gift to their favorite girls. But the best they could give you are these unique and one-of-a-kind boho bags because they just have so many elements in it that will surely make any outfit or personality shine.

Boho bags are like bags with their very own distinctive personalities. These are made possible as many of them are handmade. Also, these bags are made of various materials, such as cotton fabric, crochet, suede, straw and leather. Not all boho bags are made of intricate prints and patterns, some have added embellishments on it like tassels, beads, embroideries and patchworks.

Good thing you can also choose from these bohemian bag types.

Boho Handbags

These are usually small and easy carry-on bags. This type of boho bags are the most versatile amogst all forms. This can be used on boho casual or even on any non-bohemian attire you are in.

Another unique thing about them is that they come from different interesting shapes. Such as this blue Bohemian style vintage cotton fabric canvas handbag that features an ethnic style:

As well as this cute hand-woven pure summer straw casual shoulder beach bag/shopping tote, available in two colors:

Boho Shoulder bags

These are as versatile as the handbags. Only these are better in a way that they are usually bigger and can accommodate tons more girly stuffs you have. These boho bags are for the girls who are always on the go. Just look at these two bags you’ll surely love:

MONFERE PU leather shoulder rivet hand bag that can also be used as cross body messenger bag. It is available in three different colors:

XMESSUN Bohemian summer vintage rattan knitted beach hand bag:

Boho Backpacks

Not any of your ordinary backpacks, these are the cute but edgier types. These boho bags are just perfect ensemble for your fun outdoor activities such as your favorite music festival. These types of bags are really not meant to just carry your things but an added accessory to complement your look or attire.

You’ll understand what we are telling you about just by looking at this boho vintage cotton-fabric, canvas tassel bagpack:

Boho Crossbody bags

This is everyone’s favorite bohemian bag. This type embodies what a true boho vibe is: free-spirited hippie and gypsy. This type of bag definitely goes with any Bohemian outfit, especially on those cute denim skirts, shorts and jeans. These are the types that usually have tons of ornaments on it.  

These bags are made of various materials, like all the ones indicated above. These types go from small to extra-large sizes. And go from mono-colored to colorful ones. You have lots of choices for this type of boho bag. Such as these:

Bohemian lace tassel beading embroidery shoulder/hand bag, available in 2 different colors:

Bohemian lace tassel crochet knitted shoulder/messenger bag, available in black or white:

You’ll definitely be the ultimate “It” girl if you will be seen rocking any of the boho design choices above. The key is to make your boho bags complement well on your outfit and not to be overcome by it. That girl is the “It” bag just for you. Have fun choosing!


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Bohemian Jewelry- The most Mesmerizing Twist to your Style

Your bohemian look will never be complete without the perfect ensemble: the best set of boho jewelry that goes with it! But are you really prepared to wear it? It requires lots of confidence and sometimes patience, to make the look work for you.

Being free spirited doesn’t automatically mean you can already rock it. It takes lots of guts to wear mixes of vintage quality in different shapes, colors and patterns, and jaw-dropping designs of bohemian jewelry pieces to bring out the bohemian goddess in you.

If you are able to carry the whole bohemian look with the statement boho jewelry pieces successfully, you don’t need to worry much about your make up or what will you do with your hair. It actually would help you save more time. This means more time to chitchat with friends and longer romantic date nights with your bae.  

What is it about Boho Jewelry really?

Well based in Lorelei Eurto and Erin Siegel’s new book, Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry is defined as “an artistic, nature-inspired, and playful combination of materials and textures” that you might wear with “a floral-print dress, wood-soled sandals, a handmade leather bag, and a solid-color cardigan”.

Boho jewelry pieces are mostly handmade and well crafted, making them exquisite, unique and authentic. It is one of the most beautiful pieces any woman would love to wear. It exudes her individuality, making her more empowered and attractive to everyone.

The Boho Jewelry Components

Now, it’s time to breakdown what truly are the pieces that complete this appealing set. These are boho rings, bracelets, necklace and anklets.

Boho Rings

These are of vast arrays; mostly categorized as gold, silver, ethnic, gypsy, hippie and knuckle rings. Boho rings usually do not go alone and is with a set or collection. They are mostly etched with tribal and ethnic designs but if not, it is with added blings like crystals, stones and charms.

Also, not to miss are the geometric designed boho rings in different shapes and sizes, which all look really cool together. Here are some interesting boho rings that will surely make your hands look boho perfect:

17KM 9-piece Turkish vintage party ring set in various etched designs, available in silver or gold:

AE-CANFLY ethnic ring set in different large geometric figures, for big fingers:

Turkish silver ring (set of 6) with unique tribal designed charms and shapes:

Boho Bracelets

These are the most eye-catching pieces in the boho jewelry set, for the reason that bracelets are the least favorite jewelries to be worn by women. Hence if you are wearing one, everyone will surely notice it.

Boho bracelets, just like the other pieces in the boho jewel set are made of different materials. They are made of metal, leather, beads, stones, crystals, tassels and charms. Some go one toned, but the favorite ones are with the fun and vibrant colors of various materials used.

Here are some adorable pieces in different styles:

17KM handmade bracelet with black lava natural stones and a gold-colored lion:

Artilady 5-piece leather bracelet with boho blue stones combined with silver beads and a hamsa hand:

17KM Leather wristband with beads, charms and stones, in different shapes and designs:

Boho Necklace

This is the integral part of the bohemian jewelry. It ranges from small to huge pieces that are very bohemian already, without even considering the outfit you are on. These can be made of gold, silver, beads, tassels, ceramics, stones, crystals and charms. It also ranges from chokers, long chained, and single to multi-layered ones.

It has a whole lot of array from barely there pieces to awe inspiring ones. Wear the boho necklace not only perfect for your attire but is very much in line with your personality.

Here are some of the boho necklaces you should go for:

Simple boho multilayer necklace choker with an elegant heart bead, available in silver and gold:

Bohemian Suede long velvet tassel chain tribal necklace, with coin charms and silver beads:

JUJIA Sexy body female statement necklace/shoulder chain, available in three variations:

Boho Anklets

They say this is the perfect beach accessory. Your feet will never look as pretty without these boho anklets. You’ll be surprised how rich the ancient history of anklets is and this will make you appreciate more these charming boho anklets.

In the Eastern culture, it can be traced way back ancient times. In ancient Egyptian times, female who wore their bracelets around their ankles tells a lot about their fortune and social status. While for early India, anklets were very common for women either to indicate marital status or just as an embellishment.

In Middle East and South East Asia, it’s interesting that ankle bracelets during old times were used as a short tripping step for women. Only in the 70’s anklets were popularized in America, it was women’s symbolism of their free spirit and independence, making it the best new added component in the bohemian style fashion.

Boho anklets can go from one layered with small or sometimes intricate details, or the famed barefoot anklet chain that are just astonishing to look at. We just know that when you try wearing one, you’ll surely love to wear it every day.

Here are some boho anklets you can choose from:

17KM Triangle geometric summer anklet, available in gold or silver:

17KM Boho style triangle punk vintage barefoot sandal anklet, available in silver or gold:

17KM 1 pc anklet with summer bead and leaf pendant, in different colors:

Now that you know which pieces you’ll go for to make yourself the ultimate boho babe, it’s time to give it a try! Boho jewelry is all about making you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Some pieces look calm and classic, which is perfect for the old-fashioned boho girls, while some are a combination of shapes, textures and colors, which are suitable for the experimental boho chick; and of course, the loud and bold pieces for the edgy bohemian ladies.

If you need more references and inspiration for your venture to owning your bohemian jewelry, you can always check celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, The Olsen Twins, Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie and Zoe Kravitz. You can adapt not only their styles, but also on how they carry themselves and rock every boho jewelry style they are in.

By choosing to wear boho jewelry, you will definitely feel spontaneous, more feminine and will be surprised on how you can reveal a whole better fashionable side of you. This will be the twist you will always crave to go for, to leave an inspiring and mesmerizing feeling to that of your style audience.

Be Hippie with a Boho hoodie

Everyone has a hoodie. It is the coziest item in your wardrobe. It is so comforting; it is like an extension of your blanket made into something wearable. It could be your favorite apparel when you are heading to the gym, travelling or when you just want a laid back component on your attire.

But it has rapidly evolved over the years, from just comfy attire to now high fashion, gracing red carpet events. It is now both staple and trend. At the same time both a streetwear and a fashion essential.

Boho Hoodie Evolution

It originated way back 1920s in America. It was made of cotton jersey then. Hoodies were initially used as added warmth and defense by athletes and laborers to without the discomfort of the common scratchy wool then. But not only until 1970’s it became famous when it became a signature fashion of the rising hip hop music movement then.

It also got added attention when Sylvester Stallone’s character, Rocky Balboa in the Rocky film franchise, was seen sporting a hoodie. Soon enough, it became a symbol of the working class culture.

Not long enough, universities in the US started embellishing hoodies with their logos, making it a must wear anywhere “uniform” for students to pledge loyalty to their college even off campus.

In 1980, fashion designer Norma Kamali showcased her sweatshirt collection, making ready-to-wear trends and everyday materials raised into high end design.

The Spice to Your bohemian Hoodie

Because hoodies’ purpose nowadays is both style and comfort, different collections are released every season, differing on texture and thickness and not just on designs. Some hoodies are fur lined, cropped tops, oversized, buttoned and athleisure themed, but only one type adds more personality on it. That is the Boho hoodie fashion.

Boho hoodie can be used across all seasons without missing out on making an impactful fashion statement. To be exact a unique hippie fashion sense you are going for. But how can you really consider your hoodie as that of a boho or bohemian style?

 Here are few clues if you are going for casual, street wear boho hoodies:

Bohemians Colors

Plain boho hoodie’s colors are usually on the natural earthly colors. It echoes the laid back feel. A perfect combination with your cozy hoodie, it will be light and pleasing in the eyes.

Boho Prints and Patterns

It ranges from cute vintage and tribal monochromatic designs and patterns to psychedelic colorful prints. Boho hoodie aims to resonate your very own personality. Hence your choices are truly vast. If you find the hoodie with a totally catchy and unique pattern, no doubt that is boho.

Bohemia Embroideries

Embroideries are not limited on boho dresses, bags and tops but it definitely extends to hoodies. Flower and lacy embroideries for added pizzazz are added on boho hoodies.


Because boho fashion is all about being free spirited and having a laid back vibe, boho hoodies are gearing away to that of too tight or too structured hoodies. Boho hoodies, if not oversized are that of perfect fitting to the wearer.

But if you are eyeing on the high fashion boho hoodie, we have just these three perfect examples for you:

  1. Artka Autumn Women’s Long Hooded Winter Poncho Plaid Coat

If you want to go for a boho hoodie that looks relaxed but edgy all at the same time, go for this.

  • Artka Fur Parka Long Raincoat Drawstring Waist Winter Down Jacket with Ethnic Print Coat

If you want a sophisticated weather proof boho hoodie, this is just perfect for you.

  • Artka Hooded Down Coat With Pom Pom Windbreaker Winter Jacket

A boho hoodie that looks so sweet and girly, you’ll be a charmer on this one.

Be Boho Ready Down to Your Toes: Boho Anklets Soars

It has long passed when anklets are just for long walks on the beach. And long forgotten as when it’s just a perfect accessory to match your cutesy flip flops. It has totally levelled up as it now graces elegant fashion shows. It makes your feet look pretty and you in entirety look irresistible.

Anklets are made of various materials; gold, silver, nylon, beads, shells, pearls, stones and charms. And the main purpose is to do the mixing and matching procedure.

Down Anklets Memory Lane

Western culture embraced the use of anklets only during the 20th century. But in the Eastern culture it can be traced way back ancient times. Ankle chains were discovered in Sumerian tombs. Sumerians were living in the southern region of Mesopotamia for over 4500 years ago. Those excavated ankle chains were made of both precious and common metals and stones.

In ancient Egyptian times, female who wore their bracelets around their ankles tells a lot about their fortune and social status. Women wearing a golden or silver bracelet on their ankles with precious stones were a symbolism that they are wives of wealthy men, while the commoners wear leather or metallic bracelets on their ankles made out of shells just to serve as their talismans.

While for early India, anklets were very common for women either to indicate marital status or just as an embellishment. Paayal which are flexible ankle chains were widely used by Indian dancers. They usually add plangent trinkets to tinkle and jingle gently while dancing. Now these kinds of anklets are widely used by Arabian belly dancers. Also now in India, intricate anklets are integral part of Indian bridal ensembles alongside the traditional saree and an array of other precious jewelry.

In Middle East and South East Asia, it’s interesting that ankle bracelets during old times were used as a short tripping step for women. Wearing anklets on both feet and is just joined by a chain was to restrict their steps into a graceful walking gesture.

Only in the 70’s anklets were popularized in America, it was women’s symbolism of their free spirit and independence, making it the best new added component in the bohemian style fashion.

Here are boho anklet types for you to choose from and complete your boho chicness:

Golden Anklets

These are the ones tagged as the luxurious foot accessory. These types are usually the boho anklets seen gracing formal gatherings or runways. These are nice to be paired on black boho sandals.

But if your boho golden anklets are with charms on it, it can easily be turned into a beach ready foot accessory, just like this 17KM Summer Beach 2-Color Double Leaves Pendant Anklet:

Silver Anklets

These are the most casual type of anklets and are everyone’s favorite type of boho foot accessory. These are the most versatile ones. They can be perfect for boho style streetwear by day and in a romantic dinner date setting by night. These are usually one or multi layered, just like this 17KM multi-layer sexy crystal foot chain summer anklet:

Barefoot Anklets

It may have started by Indian women, but these multilayered ones with a foot chain hooked on one of your toes has been the newest global craze. These are ideal strolling barefoot along the beach or as a dazzling bride walking into your beach wedding, such as this 17KM multi-layered anklet with tassel coin pendants.

Or you can go with this cute 17KM vintage anklet decorated with bohemian flowers, and looks as if you’re wearing sandals.

The Fusion

These are either beaded or charmed. Beaded ones are the perfect bohemian style anklets. You can instantly be branded a bohemian girl with the silver chains and beads on your ankle.

Charmed boho anklets are more on sharing that piece of you through the charms you use. These are anklets to emphasize individuality. Just like this 17KM fashion anklet set designed with elegant heart beads, and contain super cute sun and elephant charms.

Wear the perfect boho anklet for you so you’ll always be boho chic ready.