Wardrobe Must-Have: My Boho Top

Wardrobe Must-Have: My Boho Top

Aren’t you feeling bored with the top you’re wearing? Couldn’t feel like the blouse you are in is emphasizing how beautiful you are? Would you want to exude personality with just a top? We just have one answer to all of those; you need a Boho top in your wardrobe.

So what kind of Boho top to wear based on your personality, mood and style? We’ve got you covered in this article.

1.  Sweet

Are you feeling just cute and girly and you want your attire to just go with that mood? If so, the best Boho tops to go for are the ones in the pale neon or pastel colors. Also try tops with small and pretty prints such as tiny arts or flowers.

This “Andria” Loose Thin V-neck Long Sleeve Shirt with Printed Leaves just gives you that easy sweet vibe. You can even choose from the two pastel colors that we have!

Another one is this Ethnic Vintage O Neck Collar Loose Batwing Sleeve Top (available in two colors).

Adding to that sweet vibe is this “Lynn ” Embroidered Lace Half Sleeve Drawstring Shirt.

2.  Cheerful

You are just having a great and fun day; of course your outfit should go with it. We won’t recommend you go for plain or even monochromatic patterns with the earthly colors. If you are to go for natural colors, make sure it has bold and fun prints on it. Go for Paisley prints! Boho tops with embroideries can also add on your happy vibe.

Just like this “Astrophie” Viscose Slim Nylon Frog Knot O-Neck Skin Friendly Shirt.

Another one is this Cotton Linen Frog Knot Boho Floral Top.

Not to mention this Elegant Autumn Embroidered Long Sleeve Boho Top (available in two colors).

3.  Smart

Girls are always in for the women empowerment. Attire that can bring out that strong and confident self in you should always be readily available in your closet. We suggest you go for Boho tops in natural colors that have sophisticated Bohemian designs or style.

Flowy Boho tops are what you’ll need. Always go for the unique and sophisticated designed tunics or Bohemian blouses. Just like these three Boho tops:

VOA Plus Size Heavy Silk Short Sleeve Casual Pearl Clasp Top

Cotton Linen Long Lantern Sleeve O-Neck Loose Skin-Friendly Shirt

“Selina” Elegant Embroidery Loose Casual Turn-down Collar Long Sleeve Shirt

4.  Sexy

This is the usual vibe you want to go for especially on your outdoor activities like music festivals. The key is to not go for too revealing Boho tops that could make you uneasy. Opt for Boho tops design that may show some skin but you can confidently carry. Also the key is to flaunt your assets in a sexy inspiring way.

Available in three colors, this Cute Boho Summer Cotton Women’s T-Shirt may just be the sexy Boho top you need to try.

You can also try this Cotton Linen O-Neck Sleeveless Skin-friendly T-shirt.

Another one is this Aproms Elegant Floral Print Loose V-neck T-Shirt.

5.  Adventurous (Artsy, Sporty)

When you just want to spark excitement through your Boho top; go for the extraordinary Boho designs. Some would go for something artsy, those that have tribal or vintage prints and patterns on them. Or go for the sporty vibe with tunic or oversized Boho shirts.

Adding layer such as a denim jacket or edgy scarves on your plain Boho crop top could also add on that daring vibe you are going for.

Available in three colors, this Knit Cotton Freestyle Boho Patchwork Flare Sleeve Top show that edgy and adventurous side of you:

Another one is this Harajuku Boho Korean Floral-Print Top, available in khaki and gray:

To top off the list is this Crazy Chicken Lady Women’s Summer Street Top, available in two colors:

It just feels good to know that even just through your Boho top, you can express yourself or can be whatever you want. Try any of the looks depending on your mood or the vibe you are feeling to radiate just that day. We hope this list of Boho must-haves inspired you, made you Boho-smart and helped you decide which types of Boho styles suit your taste.