The Closest Thing to Your Heart: A Boho Necklace

The Closest Thing to Your Heart: A Boho Necklace

This just got to be the most important Bohemian accessory. A Boho necklace perfectly complements the Boho style from its vast arrays to choose from. You’ll just have to choose what makes your heart skips a beat, as that is the Boho neckpiece for you.


These cute little Boho necklaces are the perfect ensemble for printed and patterned Boho outfits. This kind of Boho necklaces is nice to be partnered on V-neck or off-shoulder tops and dresses. They balance your style so they will be drawn more on you and your outfit alone. These necklaces are either choker types or just falls within your collar bone.

What makes these pieces adorable is when intricate charms are added on to it. Just look at these necklaces.

“Nizan” Tiny Heart Necklace for Women SHORT Chain Heart Shape Pendant Necklace (comes in different styles and colors!)

17KM Rose Flower Pendant Vintage Necklace (comes in three colors!)

Big and Chunky

These are usually the statement pieces. These Boho necklaces overpower your outfit all for the right reasons. These are pieces worn on top of plain Boho attires such as a mono-colored dress and a simple shirt and jeans combo.

These pieces’ intention is really to get attention. Hence besides being big and chunky, most of these Boho necklaces are multicolored and have eye-catching designs.

These pieces are usually vintage, ethnic, or tribal themed. Just look at these big and chunky Boho necklaces; you’ll not think twice about getting one for you.

Collar Coin Crystal Vintage Chocker Necklace (comes in different styles and colors!)

Find Me Ethnic Boho Flower Long Tassel Necklace (comes in three colors!)


These pieces have the most Bohemian feel. These are made of a fusion of various materials such as beads, tassels, feathers, stones, charms. And two good clues to distinguish as part of this category is that they have appealing and eye-catching colors and are or looks handmade.

Usually, these pieces are made of long necklaces just so to accommodate all the beautiful materials added to it. These pieces will go well with your mini, midi, and maxi dresses. Just look at these pieces so you may figure out what we are gushing about.

Leather Tassel Dreamcatcher Boho Pendant Necklace

Handmade Boho Natural Shell Star Pendant Necklaces with Tassel


We are guessing these are most girls’ favorite kind of Boho necklace. And we are guessing we are definitely right about it. This makes every girl’s life easier as they don’t need to get multiple necklaces and do the mixing and matching all by themselves.

These pieces were already matched perfectly for your own liking. All you need is to wear it and sport it together with your most favorite Boho-chic attire.

These pieces just confirm our good claims on this kind of Boho necklace.

RscvonM Multi Layer Boho Choker Necklace

Miss Zoe Bohemian Style Multilayer Stone Tassels Necklace (comes in two colors!)


These are pieces for your formal events such as a social soiree, awards night, or every girl’s favorite event, your wedding day. These are mostly made of crystals and precious stones.

If the Boho necklace is so elegant and sophisticated, it cannot fall in any other categories given above, as it is definitely part of this category. Just like these lovely pieces.

17KM Boho Collar Choker Water Drop Crystal Beads Choker Necklace (comes in two colors!)

Gold Orchid Flower Necklace Boho Chic Necklace Wedding Jewelry (also comes in silver!)

Choose the Boho necklace that complements not only your outfit, but most importantly, the most beautiful part of you, your face. Go for pieces that you’ll surely love and can use depending on your mood or the occasion. For sure, any Boho necklace will captivate not just your heart but, most importantly, everyone’s hearts by just by looking at it.