The Boho Midi Dress is the New Craze

The Boho Midi Dress is the New Craze

What is Midi? A Boho Midi dress?

Midi is defined as a woman’s calf-length skirt, dress, or coat. You’ll be surprised midi dress has been here since the 1920s. It was Coco Chanel who promoted mini and midi for both dresses and skirts. Through the years, midi has evolved and now covers lengths of clothing that hits the knee and longest, anywhere above the ankle.

One very popular style of midi dresses nowadays is the Bohemian midi dress. Bohemian apparel is a must in your wardrobe. If you still have none, you are missing out a lot in your fashion identity.

Why Boho Midi, all of a sudden, is the new trend?

1.    Effortless

It feels like picking a midi any day is just as easy as going for a white T-shirt when you don’t have much time to think about what to wear. A midi would always be a good choice for ladies on a lazy day when they just want to pull anything from their drawer.

If it’s a Boho midi dress you were able to bring out from your closet, it’s going to be the most beautiful effortless outfit you’ll ever wear. Just like these midi dresses in our collection. Pair any of them with any simple or matching Boho jewelry, and you’re good to go!

Thick Loose Embroidery Color Splice Knitted Long Sweater Dress

Long Loose Knitted Sweater Sweater Dress With Pockets

2.    Adventurous

It’s the perfect outfit if you have an outdoor activity and you just want to move away from the common jeans and shirt combo you’ve always been used to. A knee-length dress would just be so girly yet so comfortable. And what’s even better than to have an adventurous day without compromising the style?

Another awesome part of wearing a midi dress is that, right after your morning adventures, be it strolling at the park, running around the playground, or picnic on the grass, you can still head out on a romantic dinner after. Just like these midi dresses in our collection.

“Cassandra” Casual 3/4 Sleeve Vintage Flowers Print Knee Dress High Street

“Amy” Toffee Brown Long Sleeve Chiffon Floral Dress

3.    Versatile

Midi dresses stretch from casual laid back to runway chic variations. You just need to pick the midi dress style fit for your vibe. You can see celebrities like Jessica Alba, Keira Knightley, Kristin Cavallari and Rachel Roy rocking in different gorgeous midi dresses. And these are just to name a few.

The key to looking best on a midi is not if it fits the occasion you are (although it matters too!) in but rather if it accentuates your assets and complements your figure. You can go casual, classic, edgy, or sexy in your midi dress—just the flexibility you all want. Just look at these cool and versatile floral midi dresses.

“Hollie” Elegant Chiffon Long Sleeve Bow Pink Purple Flowers Print Beach Dress

“Sadye” Print Rose Flowers Straight High Street Midi Dress Belt

4.    Casual

You are just having a spontaneous day and you wanted your outfit to go with your mood. A white or light-colored midi dress would be a good choice. It is easy in the eyes, and no doubt, it feels light and calm, wearing white or any light color.

But if you feel like wearing dark colors, then go for it! In Boho, it’s all about your style, freedom, and mood. Take a look at this pretty embroidered midi sweatshirt.

Sweatshirt Elegant Embroidery Sweatshirts Long Thicken Pullover

5.    Classic

A midi dress nowadays seems like a staple in different popular awards night. It’s like a perfect complement in any red carpet. A black midi dress is the best choice if you are opting for a classic and sophisticated look. If you want an innocent, pure vibe, then go for white! Printed or not, in Boho, you define your own classic style.

“Remona” Chiffon Elegant Painting Printed Vintage Midi Dress

“Sadye” Elegant Flowers Print Hollow out Embroidery Shirt Dress

6.    Edgy

You all want that extra flicker in your clothing. Something that can make you stand out in a crowd. If you are looking for a dress that can make you the lone highlight of the spotlight, an extraordinary midi dress is just what you are looking for. We doubt you won’t turn any heads if you’re wearing these fabulous midi dresses.

VOA Heavy Silk Plus Size Solid Cyan Ruffle Women Party Dress

“Yvette” Stripes Straight Rose Flower Green Split Long Dress High Street

7.    Sexy

We know you are already sexy. But won’t you want a dress that will accentuate it more? A midi dress doesn’t have to be something that is body-hugging or tight-fitting for it to look sexy on you. The mere fact of showing a bit of your legs in a midi dress is in itself sexy.

If you want an added boost on your hotness level, a red midi dress would be perfect. Red would always look fiery ad sexy in you. Take a look at these sexy midi dresses from our collection.

Boho Vintage Floral Print Chiffon Midi Dress

Women’s Sexy Style Beach Tunic

Final Thoughts

A Boho midi dress is just what you need to spice up your wardrobe. You would not want to be left out on the current trend. Everyone embraces the combination of comfort and beauty of wearing a midi dress. They never go wrong on wearing one. It is the most spontaneous fashion one could have; it can be your morning casual dress and still perfect in your candlelight dinner date.

Jump onto the bandwagon, it isn’t that hard looking best in a midi dress, especially it having the Boho style in it. Just pick the color that will be suitable on your skin. Or choose a print that you find cute and appealing to be worn by you.

And lastly, it should be a midi dress that perfectly fits you. It should not look baggy or even too tight for you to wear uncomfortably. It should feel effortless when worn. It should be a midi dress that speaks a lot about you. Don’t be afraid to try onto any midi that gets your attention. It’s always trying out what you feel looks good on you until you are able to find something that undoubtedly shines out the most beautiful you.