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Our Bohemian tapestry or Boho tapestry is a perfect way to add gorgeous accents to an area. Not only that, but it also improves the aesthetics to your bedroom or living room.

Here at Boho Gipsy, we carry a wide selection of Boho tapestries and handmade wall hangings. These include dreamcatchers, macrame wall arts, cotton wall hangings, and more.

For a fun and trendy vibe, use our Boho tapestry to bring an exotic flair and aesthetic to your surroundings. You can use them on your wall or make our pieces work as gorgeous door curtains.

But no matter how you utilize them, our amazing products will look marvelous in your home. That’s because these chic tapestries are a perfect way to add more flair and charm to your home. Not only that, but the colors, styles, and design of hippie pieces are inimitably and undeniably perfect.

What Makes the Boho Tapestry Design Amazing?

The Bohemian or Boho style is a decorative art style. What makes it great is that it’s unstructured and random, rather than tailored and neat.

The style is generally attractive and trendy, yet it keeps a minimalist appeal to it. Plus, it isn’t a cluttered collection which makes the design gorgeous and pleasing to the eyes.

Characteristics of a Chic Bohemian Tapestry

If you take a look at our chic tapestry, you’ll notice the charm of combined cultural and ethnic art forms. These include Indian mandalas, Native American weave patterns, and even the iconography of Africans. The married styles result in a classy yet hip spiritual aesthetic.

The style of our tapestries combine the elements of charming design styles. They also incorporate natural materials like feathers, wicker, flowers and more.

Not only that, but our Bohemian tapestry blends earthly hues and relaxing colors. It’s to produce a gorgeous visual cacophony that you’ll definitely love.

Who Can Use the Bohemian Style?

The style is generally for people who love art, freedom, simplicity, and objects with history.

This specific style isn’t like the modern trend. It has more of a vintage flair that is laid back, relaxing, comfy, and extremely inviting.

Bohemian tapestry finds true beauty in a variety of castoffs that can be remade. Plus, our style pieces can be used in unusual, yet eye-catching ways.

It’s also a perfect style for anyone who enjoys unusual yet unique aesthetics. If you’re one of them, then you’ll enjoy our collection of chic tapestry.

History of the Boho Style

The Boho style goes all the way back to Paris in the early 19th century. It was a time when poor writers, artists, and musicians moved and lived in low-rent locations. Often, these places were where the Romani lived.

The Romani people, colloquially called the Roma, are an ethnic group (Indo-Aryan) who mostly lived in Europe. They originated from the Indian subcontinent, yet migrated to the West during the early 500s, CE.

A lot of these nomadic people headed to France from Bohemia which is today’s Czech Republic. When they reached France, people from the country referred to them as Les Bohemiens, or the Gypsies.

Parisian freethinkers – those who link freedom of thought, social learnings, and political anti-clericalism – loved then adopted the Romanis’ vibrant culture. These freethinkers also admired the people’s rejection of the rigid standard social norms.

The Romani people enhanced the hunt of artistic ethics over materialism and wealth. Since a lot of individuals glorified the Romani culture, it greatly influenced the Aesthetic and Romantic movements.

Since then, the Boho motif found its way in the works of Victor Hugo, Giacomo Puccini, and Pierre August Renoir. Because of all the influence it shared, the ideology shifted to the West. Specifically, its influence seeped into Britain, and even the North American continent.

Upon reaching these places, the ideology was then adopted by writers, journalists, and other artistic types of people.

It’s interesting that the Boho lifestyle was soon adopted then re-interpreted. These were done by jazz hepcats (1940), the Beat generation (1950), and hippie counterculture movement (1960 & 1970).

In this day and age, it is still greatly found in a lot of subcultures. Not only that, but these are seen in various festivals, and the popular interior decorating motifs.

Chic Tapestry Pieces from Boho Gipsy

Here at Boho Gipsy, we offer you a collection of gorgeous Bohemian tapestry. All these are crafted using top-notch materials to guarantee their quality.

Boho tapestries that are available for you to enjoy include the White Feather Dreamcatchers wall hanging. Others include the macrame wall art wedding/home decor, and the Macrame hand-woven stylish rope tapestry.

All products that we offer here at Boho Gipsy are quality-made, and are perfect pieces to enhance your home’s environment.

If you want to add more of the Bohemian vibe to your room or entire home, we’ve got you covered. You can match our chic tapestry collection with Bohemian beddings, pillow cases, and even blankets!

But no matter what products you choose, you’ll never go wrong with Boho Gipsy.

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