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Ankle bracelets, more commonly called anklets, are fashionable accessories that we offer here at Boho Gipsy.

We have a plethora of Bohemian anklet collections you can choose from, and they all help accent your simple attire.

The anklets that we offer sport different styles and designs that are based on the Boho theme. They’re great pieces worn during the summer. However, these can also be utilized for other seasons when you can wear shorts or skirts.

The best way to wear our Boho anklet is by exposing your legs and feet. It’s a great way to draw everyone’s eyes and attention to that area. The latter is most common when you want to show off the shoes or sandals you’re wearing for your OOTD.

Stylish and Chic Anklet Accessories

Anklets are a Bohemian style staple that never goes out of fashion. It’s a trendy piece that you and every fashionista should have to jazz up your outfit.

This charming Bohemian accessory goes by different names. Some refer to this chic anklet as ankle chains, while others prefer ankle bracelets. Yet if you’ve styled your way with it, this accessory only goes by one name, the anklet.

And if you’re wondering if Boho anklets are still in style this year, it’s obviously a big yes. Just take a look at our wide collection of anklets, and you’ll know they’ll never go out of style.

Benefits of Bohemian Anklets

The first reason why it’s great to wear chic anklets is that they enhance the area of your feet.

The Bohemian anklets here at Boho Gipsy lengthens and highlights your legs too, even when barefoot.

Here are the other benefits of wearing these Boho pieces.

Perfectly Matches All Types of Shoes and Bottoms

A Bohemian anklet looks excellent with different types of shoes and bottoms. They can be matched with short or long skirts, dresses, culottes, midis and shorts.

For the footwear, you can match them with sandals, pumps, clogs, heels, mules, flats, or even boots! The anklets make these footwear look better than they’d look alone.

A Never-Ending Trend

Trend watchers know that the Boho anklet has been a favorite fashion accessory for years.

When it comes to ’90s accessories, these anklets are up there with hair clips and chokers. But the thing is, anklets are more popular than the two.

In the early 2000s, the popularity of the anklet soared, and until today, they’re a trend that never goes.

Makes for a Great Gift

Also, the Boho anklet from Boho Gipsy makes for an excellent gift. If you’re ever stuck thinking of a great gift for your loved ones, give them one of our chic anklets!

This gift will be something fun and uniquely gorgeous, making it an accessory that’s simply perfect.

History of Anklets

Truth is, almost all jewelry pieces have a rich history, and the anklet is no different.

As early as 6,000 B.C., women already wore anklets. Pieces of such jewellery were excavated from Sumerian tombs. Here, they revealed relics and ankle bracelets worn by Babylonian women of Ancient Egypt and Sumer.

These women created anklets using precious stones and metals. They wore them to showcase their status and social rank.

Ancient women from South Asia and India also wore variations of anklets. The latter wore anklets with jingling charms to alert their husbands of their presence. This was to cease the men’s displeasing chatter of sorts.

Types of Boho Anklets

There are a variety of anklet styles for a unique Bohemian look.

There are gold ankle bracelets that are usually adorned with gems. They look great with elegant heels or sandals and match perfectly with gold accessories.

Silver Boho anklets are more casual. They create a look that’s perfect for summer or beach outfits.

Beaded anklets look beautiful with silver anklets. Pairing them together makes for a chic anklet stack on for style.

The barefoot anklets are considered a replacement for shoes. These string your toe and ankle together with chains flowing across the top of your foot.

These are great for festivals, destination weddings, or even beach parties.

Boho Gipsy Bohemian Anklet

At Boho Gipsy, we have a delightful collection of anklets. The styles range from simple and straightforward, to the more intricate and substantial pieces.

With styles to suit everyone, Boho Gipsy’s Boho anklet pieces keep your feet looking stylish and elegant.

Make your beach outfits look even more fashionable with our Pearl Chic Anklet, or the Vintage Flower Anklet.

If you want to pull off a cute yet sexy summer appeal, you can opt for our Silver Retro Coin Anklet. This specific piece sports the charming barefoot-style which is playful, pretty, and very eye-catching.

No matter what you’re wearing, each Bohemian anklet that we have is filled with personality and flair. You’ll never go out of trend.

To match them and to step up your look further, match these anklets with our Bohemian bracelets or rings. If not, you can also use our gorgeous Bohemian bags for an overall eye-catching ensemble!

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