Make your Maxi Extraordinary by Going Boho

Make your Maxi Extraordinary by Going Boho

Boho maxi dress was just a random thought of style from high fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta, when created an ankle-length dress for Elizabeth Arden Salon in the 1960s. Soon other designers such as Dior, YSL, Biba, Cardin, and Halston, among others, jumped into that style.

Maxi-length skirts soon overcame mini skirt in the year 1967. But by the year 1980’s, Maxi Dress was taken over by shoulder pads ad playsuits. Come 90’s grunge and mini skirt ruled.   

Good thing come 2008, maxi dress made a comeback through Kate Moss. It was when she wore a maxi dress in Lauren Wood’s wedding. Maxi dresses then were cut slightly above the ankle. But come 2010, maxi dresses hemlines were dropping to the ground and are being sold in every store.

Ready to Be Maxi-fied

Maxi dresses are for all body shapes and sizes. It is even considered now a staple in women’s wardrobe. It is of vast varieties; off-shoulder, flare sleeves, long sleeves, round, turtle, or V neck, halter, spaghetti strapped or sleeveless… you won’t run out of options, especially if it’s a Boho maxi dress!

Because of this, maxi dresses become the dress for all occasions. But of course, it is best flaunted during summertime. Besides the top ruling on maxi dresses which is to don’t go any shorter length than your ankle; its hemline should just be on top of your feet.

Another main consideration is to find the best Boho maxi dress flattering to your body type. Or in other words, to find the maxi dress that will highlight your assets and tame your concern areas. Below are some tips per body shape:

A.  Pear Shaped

You can go for maxi dresses with silhouettes with deep necklines and open sexy backs. Also repel from horizontal stripes on the lower half of your body as they emphasize your broad bottoms, moving people’s eyes from that of your upper part assets.

B.  Inverted Triangle

Go for the billowy or flowy skirt that starts from your narrow waist. Also avoid straight across maxi dresses. Opt for the open necklines, like V-neck and halter dresses.

C.  Apple Shaped

Because your concern is your noticeable torso, we recommend the empire line dress style with a flowy A-line skirt. And of course to accentuate your slender arms asset, go for strapless, V-necks or halter maxi dresses.

D.  Hourglass

As the saying says, “If you have it, flaunt it”. Tight hugging dresses like wrap around or cut out ones are just perfect for you. All the styles are suitable for you be it strapless, halter or spaghetti straps. If you want to complement more your curves, you can go for low scoop back dresses or the ones with plunging necklines.

E.  Rectangle

To create curves, we recommend you choose maxi dresses with layers or ruffles. Also a cut out dress to create an artifice of curves will be best for you.

F.  Petite

Choose maxi dresses with an empire waist line to accentuate the waist. Also go for the vertical stripes and prints to make you look taller.

G.  Tall

Maxi dresses with slits to flaunt your long legs will be perfect. Maxi dresses with prints and patterns would accentuate more the attention you’re getting for being tall. Hence, that will surely make it worth their while.

Go Plain or Go Boho

You may have all the maxi dresses online to choose from but what always gets your attention are the Boho maxi dresses for sale. This is also what happens when you wear a plain or almost boring one versus that of a Bohemian maxi dress. You’ll be a total head-turner.


To prove our point, look at these gorgeous Boho maxi dresses to choose from. You’ll definitely find not just one but a ton that would be perfect for you.


Let’s start with the trendy summer maxi dresses. You can go for the easy summer look of a floral print off-shoulder summer dress.


Or get bolder through a long-sleeved sexy backless off-shoulder floral maxi dress with a slit or the halter strap maxi ethnic-inspired dress.


Next would be the versatile long-sleeved maxi dresses. You can also go casual and sexy with a Bohemia vintage floral print tassel maxi dress or a sexy side split off-shoulder and high waist pleated maxi dress.


Or go formal looking and sophisticated with a sexy V-neck hollow-out beach maxi dress with exotic prints, or a long-sleeved diamonds multicolor retro floor-length maxi dress!


For the ever-favorite floral theme, here are our top three choices for the floral maxi dress you’ll want to have:



1) MoaaYina Fashion Designer Runway Floral Print Bohemia Maxi Dress

2) Women’s Boho Floral Printed Maxi Dress

3) “Ione” 2020 Summer Split Maxi Beach Sundress Off Backless Dress

Tips for Choosing a Monotone-Colored Maxi Dress:

Lastly, for ladies who want a monotone colored maxi dress suited to the mood they are in. Here are some of our tips for you:  

  • If you are pushing for the classic vibe, you can never go wrong with a black maxi dress. Just like this chiffon sleeveless pleated long casual sundress.
  • For the innocent and laid back vibe, go for the pure white maxi dress such as this white Bohemia embroidery loose maxi dress with ruffles, which brings an elegant and sweet vibe.
  • When you’re feeling bolder, try a red maxi dress. But if you just want some spark of elegance, a navy maxi dress would be a nice choice.  

Final Thoughts

There are a whole lot of Bohemian maxi dresses to choose from. It will give you that extra confidence you need, turning your usual day into something extraordinary. You’ll never know, maybe that Boho maxi dress you’re wearing might be the reason that cute guy you’ve been eyeing for days, finally turned and talked to you.

Oh and don’t forget to top your Boho maxi dress off with some Boho accessories to complete your OOTD! Don’t be too afraid to mix and match and decide what suits your mood and preference. Remember, Boho is about freedom and individualism.

Have a happy Boho experience with your Boho maxi dress girls!