Make your Beau, Oh! With your Boho Jacket

Make your Beau, Oh! With your Boho Jacket

We know every girl like you have experienced this kind of situation. You’ve been in your mirror for hours, have tried all the possible cute outfits that you mixed and matched from your closet, but still, nothing feels like the perfect one to wear.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

You’re just not feeling it. You can’t figure out what it is that’s missing or lacking in your outfit. Or it looks or feels too much already? You really just can’t put your fingers to it.

Now would you like to know the best solution to it? It’s just simple. Go get yourself that perfect ensemble, then layer up with a Bohemian jacket. Tada! That’s how magic works. It will always make your boring outfit into something spectacular.

Boho jackets range from denim jackets with embroideries, tribal and ethnic printed, paisley printed kimonos, and vintage styled jackets to luxury looking Boho coats. The collection actually goes on and on. It will never be a problem; you’re not going to be limited to options.

Now for it to be easier for you, we’ll break down some options depending on the occasion you’ll be in. Be it casual, corporate, formal, or festival set.

Simple and Casual

When you just want to spice up your everyday get-up to break that routine, we recommend that you go for a Boho jacket that is a bit on the light and not too embellished ones. Go for Boho kimono cover-ups or oversized Boho jackets with not too loud prints and colors. Go for something cozy and flowing. Here are our top picks for this category:

Artka Puffer Quilted Duck Down Parka Ultra Light Jacket

Artka Women’s Mid-Length Down Coat With Raccoon Fur Hood

Artka Hooded Down Coat With Pom Pom

Smart and Corporate

We know you have the perfect work attires prepared for the whole week.  But sometimes you feel that it isn’t just going with either your mood or the weather. Good thing! Boho jackets are always to the rescue.

Please avoid printed and big patterned Boho jackets, not unless you are working in the artistic or creative industry. Push for the natural earthly colors, just like this Autumn Long Sleeve Slim Fit Vintage Woolen Coat from Artka. But if you want something bolder, go for navy blue or maroon colors.

You may also want to try these chic coats/jackets:

Artka Women’s V-Neck Long Sleeve Elegant Autumn Woolen Coat

100% Wool Artka New City Series Autumn&Winter Double-Side Knee-length Coat

Classic and Formal

You wouldn’t want to walk outside with your elegant evening gown; hence, a coat to go with it is always a must.

A classic Bohemian coat is just what you need to be the ultimate head-turner in this formal gathering. You wouldn’t want your coat to overpower your gown or outfit, so settle for Boho coats that are complementing both in the design and color of your dress/attire.

This Elegant Autumn Double Breasted Long Plaid Coat could just be what you are looking for.

You may also want this Vintage Elegant Long to Knee Coat Jacket Ruffles Sleeves with Ribbons.

And lastly, check out this Artka Women’s Autumn Embroidery Coat With Belt.

Fun and Party Ready

Your music festival or concert date wouldn’t be complete without a boho jacket on. Get your beau gushing over how cute you are on your Bohemian jacket. Or maybe get other girls’ beaus turn heads on how charming you are with your perfect Boho styled outfit.

Feeling confident in what you are wearing just brings out more of the fun and free-spirited vibe in you. Go for denim jackets with eye-catching embroideries or embellishments. Go for Boho jackets that will spark a bolder and edgier you. Take a look at these coats/jackets we’ve picked for you:

Artka Women’s Vintage O-Neck Long Sleeve Embroidery Wool Coat

Artka Women’s Duck Down Parka Winter Jacket with Removable Fur Collar and Belt

Artka Women’s Luxury Long Sleeve Retro Warm Coat with Detachable Fur Collar and Belt

A Bohemian jacket is no doubt every girl’s perfect layering accessory, and every girl’s beaus’ favorite attire their favorite girls are on. So make sure you have this must-have in your closet.