It Never Hurts with Boho Shirts

It Never Hurts with Boho Shirts

Boho fashion is all over Pinterest! No doubt you can easily distinguish what is a bohemian to that of your ordinary shirt. Well there’s a reason we don’t call it your normal usual shirt. These shirts go beyond that. Boho shirts will make you feel more alive and free. What do we mean by that? Let us break that down for you.

The Ultimate Heartbreaker

Are you fed up as always being tagged as heartbroken? Then lose that Emo shirt you are on. Why don’t you try the opposite end of it and be the heartbreaker this time? A boho shirt can give you that confidence and persona you want.

A boho shirt with loud and intricate patterns on will be the best choice for you. Or you may also opt to try sexy boho shirts with laces and tassels. You’ll be the apple of everyone’s eyes.

Don’t get too surprised on how much attention you are getting. Just remember to go with the personality you are portraying. Just walk past everyone with a charming smile on your face. Sway the attention gracefully and never settle for just a pair of eyes on you. Let your swag be felt by everyone in the crowd.

Congratulations! You earn the badge of an ultimate heartbreaker. By the way, it’s a good heartbreaker! Not the perspective that breaks hearts and make people cry. Heartbreaker in a way that people are inspired with the charm and confidence you exude. More like a heartthrob really. You break their hearts for they realize you stole people’s attention from them to you. And they want to steal that boho shirt you are in.

Try this subtle boho shirt and be seductress in black summer boho faux leather suede back  thnic hollow out long sleeve top.

The Legendary Rockstar

The shirts that portray an attitude themselves are what we call the rocker style bohemian shirts. These boho shirts have their own spunk. This is usual the best choice when you are attending a music festival with your circle of friends. You’ll definitely be a standout amongst your friends with a rocker boho shirt.

Boho shirts that are oversized and have tribal and ethnic prints topped the list. Just like a rock star, you want to be free spirited and comfortable to move around. You could also opt to go for vintage boho shirts, such as this Smthma vintage 70s Mexican floral embroidery boho women hippie plus size shirt:

Or you can go for this on trend, like this Korean autumn fashion unif harajuku plus size long sleeve momen punk letter printing t shirt.

Cute and Mysterious Chic

Well they say being mysterious for girls makes you look more attractive. But we say how will a guy find you mysterious if they don’t find you cute enough to be approached? So we say cute and mysterious should go together. Good thing you don’t need to worry to pull out such persona. Because going for a stunning boho shirt no guy will miss should do the trick.

A shirt with charming and subtle prints will give you just that look. A long sleeved boho shirt could also do the trick. Just like this long sleeve autumn plaid off-shoulder flare sleeve lace up bow top.

It never hurts to experiment and try something new. Boho shirts bring out a whole new perspective in you, as well as comfort, freedom, style and confidence. Yes that can all be possible even just by the shirt you are wearing. Want to truly experience it? Go get your most adorable bohemian shirt or two at

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