Boho Bags: The It bag for the It Girl

Boho Bags: The It bag for the It Girl

There’s always a way to make girls giggle and that is to talk about bags, bags, bags! Girls even join groups where bag lovers could meet and share their bag experiences.

Bags are always interesting topics for girls and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. When you go strolling at the mall, not one bag will definitely get your attention. It’s like a phenomenon no one can explain. It’s just a craze girls go insane for.

Bags are the easiest pieces boyfriends can pick as a gift to their favorite girls. But the best they could give you are these unique and one-of-a-kind boho bags because they just have so many elements in it that will surely make any outfit or personality shine.

Boho bags are like bags with their very own distinctive personalities. These are made possible as many of them are handmade. Also, these bags are made of various materials, such as cotton fabric, crochet, suede, straw and leather. Not all boho bags are made of intricate prints and patterns, some have added embellishments on it like tassels, beads, embroideries and patchworks.

Good thing you can also choose from these bohemian bag types.

Boho Handbags

These are usually small and easy carry-on bags. This type of boho bags are the most versatile amogst all forms. This can be used on boho casual or even on any non-bohemian attire you are in.

Another unique thing about them is that they come from different interesting shapes. Such as this blue Bohemian style vintage cotton fabric canvas handbag that features an ethnic style:

As well as this cute hand-woven pure summer straw casual shoulder beach bag/shopping tote, available in two colors:

Boho Shoulder bags

These are as versatile as the handbags. Only these are better in a way that they are usually bigger and can accommodate tons more girly stuffs you have. These boho bags are for the girls who are always on the go. Just look at these two bags you’ll surely love:

MONFERE PU leather shoulder rivet hand bag that can also be used as cross body messenger bag. It is available in three different colors:

XMESSUN Bohemian summer vintage rattan knitted beach hand bag:

Boho Backpacks

Not any of your ordinary backpacks, these are the cute but edgier types. These boho bags are just perfect ensemble for your fun outdoor activities such as your favorite music festival. These types of bags are really not meant to just carry your things but an added accessory to complement your look or attire.

You’ll understand what we are telling you about just by looking at this boho vintage cotton-fabric, canvas tassel bagpack:

Boho Crossbody bags

This is everyone’s favorite bohemian bag. This type embodies what a true boho vibe is: free-spirited hippie and gypsy. This type of bag definitely goes with any Bohemian outfit, especially on those cute denim skirts, shorts and jeans. These are the types that usually have tons of ornaments on it.  

These bags are made of various materials, like all the ones indicated above. These types go from small to extra-large sizes. And go from mono-colored to colorful ones. You have lots of choices for this type of boho bag. Such as these:

Bohemian lace tassel beading embroidery shoulder/hand bag, available in 2 different colors:

Bohemian lace tassel crochet knitted shoulder/messenger bag, available in black or white:

You’ll definitely be the ultimate “It” girl if you will be seen rocking any of the boho design choices above. The key is to make your boho bags complement well on your outfit and not to be overcome by it. That girl is the “It” bag just for you. Have fun choosing!