Be Hippie with a Boho hoodie

Be Hippie with a Boho hoodie

Everyone has a hoodie. It is the coziest item in your wardrobe. It is so comforting; it is like an extension of your blanket made into something wearable. It could be your favorite apparel when you are heading to the gym, travelling or when you just want a laid back component on your attire.

But it has rapidly evolved over the years, from just comfy attire to now high fashion, gracing red carpet events. It is now both staple and trend. At the same time both a streetwear and a fashion essential.

Boho Hoodie Evolution

It originated way back 1920s in America. It was made of cotton jersey then. Hoodies were initially used as added warmth and defense by athletes and laborers to without the discomfort of the common scratchy wool then. But not only until 1970’s it became famous when it became a signature fashion of the rising hip hop music movement then.

It also got added attention when Sylvester Stallone’s character, Rocky Balboa in the Rocky film franchise, was seen sporting a hoodie. Soon enough, it became a symbol of the working class culture.

Not long enough, universities in the US started embellishing hoodies with their logos, making it a must wear anywhere “uniform” for students to pledge loyalty to their college even off campus.

In 1980, fashion designer Norma Kamali showcased her sweatshirt collection, making ready-to-wear trends and everyday materials raised into high end design.

The Spice to Your bohemian Hoodie

Because hoodies’ purpose nowadays is both style and comfort, different collections are released every season, differing on texture and thickness and not just on designs. Some hoodies are fur lined, cropped tops, oversized, buttoned and athleisure themed, but only one type adds more personality on it. That is the Boho hoodie fashion.

Boho hoodie can be used across all seasons without missing out on making an impactful fashion statement. To be exact a unique hippie fashion sense you are going for. But how can you really consider your hoodie as that of a boho or bohemian style?

 Here are few clues if you are going for casual, street wear boho hoodies:

Bohemians Colors

Plain boho hoodie’s colors are usually on the natural earthly colors. It echoes the laid back feel. A perfect combination with your cozy hoodie, it will be light and pleasing in the eyes.

Boho Prints and Patterns

It ranges from cute vintage and tribal monochromatic designs and patterns to psychedelic colorful prints. Boho hoodie aims to resonate your very own personality. Hence your choices are truly vast. If you find the hoodie with a totally catchy and unique pattern, no doubt that is boho.

Bohemia Embroideries

Embroideries are not limited on boho dresses, bags and tops but it definitely extends to hoodies. Flower and lacy embroideries for added pizzazz are added on boho hoodies.


Because boho fashion is all about being free spirited and having a laid back vibe, boho hoodies are gearing away to that of too tight or too structured hoodies. Boho hoodies, if not oversized are that of perfect fitting to the wearer.

But if you are eyeing on the high fashion boho hoodie, we have just these three perfect examples for you:

  1. Artka Autumn Women’s Long Hooded Winter Poncho Plaid Coat

If you want to go for a boho hoodie that looks relaxed but edgy all at the same time, go for this.

  • Artka Fur Parka Long Raincoat Drawstring Waist Winter Down Jacket with Ethnic Print Coat

If you want a sophisticated weather proof boho hoodie, this is just perfect for you.

  • Artka Hooded Down Coat With Pom Pom Windbreaker Winter Jacket

A boho hoodie that looks so sweet and girly, you’ll be a charmer on this one.