Be Fashionably Expressive with a Boho Ring or Two!

Be Fashionably Expressive with a Boho Ring or Two!

Boho rings are so unique you won’t have second thoughts wearing them. With a Boho ring, you literally won’t go empty-handed when you just need that extra bling on your fingers.

There’s actually a vast array of Bohemian rings for you to choose from. But let us break it down on you into five simple categories so it won’t be difficult for you to choose. Here you go:  

1.    Cute and Dainty

These rings are the usual choices of women who have their Boho attires that are too loud already. These are mostly Bohemian attires with big prints and patterns. Surely, they don’t want their outfits to be overpowered by what’s on their fingers. So they go for rings with tiny and simple patterns or designs.

Sets of dainty designs are the current trend. Just look at these ring sets you may try:

“Debby” Real 925 Sterling Silver Blue Movement Finger Ring

“Sentia” Authentic 925 Sterling Silver Glitter Dangle Star Ring

Romantic 925 Sterling Silver Love Letter Heart Adjustable Finger Ring

2.    Precious Stones

Usual antique stones are highlighted on Bohemian rings. Besides crystals, blue green opal stone seems like the most favorite material on these rings. The more authentic looking the stone, the better for Boho rings.

Tibetan Boho rings also tops the list. These rings are everyone’s favorite accessory with any Boho style clothing they are in. Just look at these sets of chic rings, and you’ll figure out why is that:

17KM Retro Style Boho Tibetan Gold Color Rings

Hot Vintage Midi Tibetan 9-Piece Rings Set For Women

17KM Bohemia Tibetan Stone Opal Ring Set For Women

3.    Vintage

These Boho rings can go with any fashion style you are wearing. These are like staple rings you just want to wear every day.  The older it looks, the better fitting it is as your best Bohemian accessory. Mostly these are silver and are of different geometric, flower, or animal designs. Sometimes designs look very craftily carved. They are just too nice to look at on your fingers.

Just look at these ring sets, and you’ll agree with us:

6-Piece Vintage Ethnic Turkish Carved Antique Silver Boho Ring Set

Silver Punk Vintage Retro Geometry Midi Boho Ring for Women

17KM 9-Piece Vintage Steampunk Turkish Knuckle Ring Set

4.    Plated

These are like cuff bracelets on your fingers. And these do look elegant on them. Many fashion icons like using this kind of Boho ring; it’s like sophistication at your fingers. Its either designs are etched on to it, or they are just plain silver, black, and gold plated. Here are three collections you’ll definitely love:

8-Pc Vintage Boho Tibetan Silver Plated Ring

Fashion Boho Silver Plated Women’s Rings Set

6-Piece Silver Plated Vintage Punk Ring Set

5.    Big Stand Alone

These are pieces that don’t need to be in any set or collection to get people’s attention. These are big statement Boho rings made of distinctive designs. Just look at these three Boho rings:

Vintage Boho Leaf-Shaped Ring for Women

“Anny” 925 Sterling Silver Poetic Daisy Cherry Blossom Ring

These are just a few of the stylish and attention-grabbing rings we have in different Boho flavors. Use them with your everyday outfit, a fun day out with friends, or for any party or special event! These rings can also be used in proms, or even be given as anniversary or birthday gifts.

You can even use any of our elegant, dainty Boho rings as a wedding ring! Yes, these rings are perfect for the Bohemian girls who wish everything about their wedding is Boho. Pair it with a Boho wedding dress and you’re good to go! Guys will never go wrong buying one for their wives to be. 

We hope you enjoyed looking at the different types of Boho rings and be inspired to wear one. Whatever you have decided on, a Boho ring will definitely spice up your outfit, giving you a higher sense of fashion and expression. So rock it and do not be afraid to try it.