Be Boho Ready Down to Your Toes: Boho Anklets Soars

Be Boho Ready Down to Your Toes: Boho Anklets Soars

It has long passed when anklets are just for long walks on the beach. And long forgotten as when it’s just a perfect accessory to match your cutesy flip flops. It has totally levelled up as it now graces elegant fashion shows. It makes your feet look pretty and you in entirety look irresistible.

Anklets are made of various materials; gold, silver, nylon, beads, shells, pearls, stones and charms. And the main purpose is to do the mixing and matching procedure.

Down Anklets Memory Lane

Western culture embraced the use of anklets only during the 20th century. But in the Eastern culture it can be traced way back ancient times. Ankle chains were discovered in Sumerian tombs. Sumerians were living in the southern region of Mesopotamia for over 4500 years ago. Those excavated ankle chains were made of both precious and common metals and stones.

In ancient Egyptian times, female who wore their bracelets around their ankles tells a lot about their fortune and social status. Women wearing a golden or silver bracelet on their ankles with precious stones were a symbolism that they are wives of wealthy men, while the commoners wear leather or metallic bracelets on their ankles made out of shells just to serve as their talismans.

While for early India, anklets were very common for women either to indicate marital status or just as an embellishment. Paayal which are flexible ankle chains were widely used by Indian dancers. They usually add plangent trinkets to tinkle and jingle gently while dancing. Now these kinds of anklets are widely used by Arabian belly dancers. Also now in India, intricate anklets are integral part of Indian bridal ensembles alongside the traditional saree and an array of other precious jewelry.

In Middle East and South East Asia, it’s interesting that ankle bracelets during old times were used as a short tripping step for women. Wearing anklets on both feet and is just joined by a chain was to restrict their steps into a graceful walking gesture.

Only in the 70’s anklets were popularized in America, it was women’s symbolism of their free spirit and independence, making it the best new added component in the bohemian style fashion.

Here are boho anklet types for you to choose from and complete your boho chicness:

Golden Anklets

These are the ones tagged as the luxurious foot accessory. These types are usually the boho anklets seen gracing formal gatherings or runways. These are nice to be paired on black boho sandals.

But if your boho golden anklets are with charms on it, it can easily be turned into a beach ready foot accessory, just like this 17KM Summer Beach 2-Color Double Leaves Pendant Anklet:

Silver Anklets

These are the most casual type of anklets and are everyone’s favorite type of boho foot accessory. These are the most versatile ones. They can be perfect for boho style streetwear by day and in a romantic dinner date setting by night. These are usually one or multi layered, just like this 17KM multi-layer sexy crystal foot chain summer anklet:

Barefoot Anklets

It may have started by Indian women, but these multilayered ones with a foot chain hooked on one of your toes has been the newest global craze. These are ideal strolling barefoot along the beach or as a dazzling bride walking into your beach wedding, such as this 17KM multi-layered anklet with tassel coin pendants.

Or you can go with this cute 17KM vintage anklet decorated with bohemian flowers, and looks as if you’re wearing sandals.

The Fusion

These are either beaded or charmed. Beaded ones are the perfect bohemian style anklets. You can instantly be branded a bohemian girl with the silver chains and beads on your ankle.

Charmed boho anklets are more on sharing that piece of you through the charms you use. These are anklets to emphasize individuality. Just like this 17KM fashion anklet set designed with elegant heart beads, and contain super cute sun and elephant charms.

Wear the perfect boho anklet for you so you’ll always be boho chic ready.