Be a Boho Bluff by Wearing a Boho Bracelet

Be a Boho Bluff by Wearing a Boho Bracelet

It’s never a risk putting a boho bracelet on your wrist. It will always complement any attire you are in. But most specifically it will be a good ensemble to your boho chic fashion. Honestly wearing a bracelet is never on top list when thinking of an accessory to add on to your outfit. It is usually a necklace, ring or earrings girls’ choices for accessories are. But we think once you see a good boho bracelet, it will be another story. It will definitely be your best or even your only choice that is.

If you see the boho bracelets collection, we’re sure you won’t look for any other jewelry anymore. To make things easier for you, we cut them into 3 boho classifications; bejeweled, leathered and bangled.


Boho bracelets topped with the best stuffs that can be put in any jewelry. These boho bracelets are made from charms, crystals, stones, beads and tassels. This should be perfect as your boho dress accessory. Be it a mini, midi or maxi boho dress. We would just suggest you make sure the colors in your boho bracelet go with that of your outfit.

These bejeweled bohemian bracelets will go well with your natural colored boho attires. It ranges from one to multi layers. Just look at these collections below.

This multilayer bejeweled bracelet with varying beads and vintage resin stones brings a touch of elegance in an outfit.

This bejeweled bracelet with a starfish theme contains adorable vintage beads and crystal stones that also brings an ethnic feel!

This Artilady bohemia tassel bracelet is a combination of wooded and other beads, plus a super cute variation of charms and a tassel.


Leathered boho bracelets are pieces you want to wear to add an edgier accessory in your outfit. These wrap bracelets can exude a more daring vibe on you. When you feel like your boho outfit lacks attitude, this is just the accessory you need.

These leather boho bracelets perfectly go with any denim boho clothes you are. Also this kind of boho bracelet is the best accessory in any outdoor occasion you’ll be going, be it in a music festival or just strolling outside and wants to rock a street style fashion. Your boho chic attire will definitely look better with this leather.  To emphasize these thoughts, look at these two sample leather collections below that you’ll definitely love.

This multi-layered unisex bracelet brings a casual and sporty vibe to any outfit.

This wrap leather winter bracelet combined with beads will surely spice up your get-up for the day.


These are multi layered and are usually made of gold and silver bracelets. But most bangles are really combination of additional charms and leathers as well. They are more mono-colored than that of the bejeweled boho bracelets. This is the reason why boho bangles are perfect ensemble for the more formal and classy bohemian fashion looks.

This could go well with your printed boho tops and jeans combo. And is just perfect with ay skin complexion you have. Just look at these 2 boho bangles collection;

This multi-layered silver bracelet would look good for any formal to semi-formal gathering.

This wrap leather bangle bracelet, combined with silver beads and charms by Artilady, brings a classic touch. The elegant silver beads and charms are balanced by leather that has a casual, rocker chic look, to suit less formal occasions.

Boho bracelets are just not so cute to look at but are also so fun to wear. These bracelets are so unique; they even become interesting talking pieces in every gathering you will be in. So don’t shy away on flaunting your boho bracelet.

Another interesting fact about boho bacelets is that most of these are handmade. Every piece is precious as it is of great craftsmanship. You’ll definitely be proud wearing one.